Letting Your Challenges Be Easy

Letting Your Challenges Be Easy

Peace Family,


I know I'm not alone when I say, Spirit has been testing me. 


It seems like right after conquering one mountain, I find myself at the bottom of another being asked to rise up again. 


I believe this is the energy present on the planet right now. 


And though the test and challenges continue to appear, I received some words of comfort from spirit during the witching hours. 


Spirit said to loud & clear, "Let It Be Easy"!


I then asked spirit, how do I do that when there is so much to do, say, & become? 


Here's The Acronym for EASY I received in meditation: 


  1. E is for Essence- When the work, challenges, and trials become heavy remember who you are. Your essence is that of ease, flow, power and love. When you lean into your divine energy and sacred essence, you are strengthened and uplifted. The gateway into your essence is your breathe. Take a few deep conscious breathes and fill the lifeforce that imbues your being. 
 2. A is for Allow- There is a sacred art and power to surrender. When we let go we allow our higher selves, spirit team, and ancestors to intercede on our behalf. The more we try to control or contain our challenges, the more restricted and debilitated we are in our growth & expansion. Let things be as they are and act on your spiritual guidance and inspiration.
3. S is for Safe & Supported-We often feel the loneliest when we are in a growth phase in our lives. But this is the time where we are actually the most supported. And that's because our Spirit Team, ancestors, angels, and Higher self desires for us to reach our next level in consciousness. Lean into your support team and know that you are safe in this realm. The way we accept the support and safety that is available is 1st by asking for it and 2nd by following the guidance and implementing the plan that has been given to us. 
4. Y is for Why-When the challenges arise and you don't know why, this causes extra frustration amid your growing pains. When you can determine how a specific thing is supporting your healing, transformation and manifestation this produces a sense of gratitude. Appreciation forms as a result of knowing that your trials and tribulations are aligning you with your purpose. 
So the next time you feel the challenges and growing pains are getting heavy and overwhelming let it be easy. Remember who you are, release resistance and allow, cast your cares onto your spiritual support team, and know that ALL THINGS ARE WORKING TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD!


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