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LIBERATE: Womb De-Armoring Intensive Workshop

LIBERATE: Womb De-Armoring Intensive Workshop

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A Journey to Unleash Your Divine Feminine Essence


Are you ready to break free from the invisible chains that have held your true feminine power captive for far too long? Join us for a transformative 1-day intensive workshop, "Liberate: Womb De-Armoring," dedicated to releasing the energetic armor that has been restricting the sacred flow of your feminine essence.

Workshop Overview:

As women we store most of our heartache, pain, trauma, and abuse within our wombs. These emotions create an energetic armor or chastity belt that blocks the flow of our divine feminine essence keep us stuck in unhealthy sexual, emotional, and mental patterns. This once protective covering becomes a stubborn barrier to the sacred expression of creativity, emotional intelligence, and divine desire. This energetic armor not only traps the magic of our womanhood but it also hold captive vampiric soul ties, demonic attachments, and the spirits of past lovers. The energetic armor covering your womb doesn't know how to let in what is or good or how to release what is draining. This 1 day workshop intensive will provide you with the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical work required of you to release the toxic energetics holding your divine feminine power hostage.

Date: Sunday, October 22nd, 2023Time: 10 AM CST/11 AM EST Location: Zoom 

Workshop Topics:

  1. Manifestation of Womb Armor: Explore how emotional trauma and past experiences manifest as energetic armor within your womb, hindering the natural flow of your divine feminine essence, pleasure, and creativity.
  2. Triggers and Traumas: Understand the relationship present triggers and traumas that fortify the womb armor, and learn strategies to overcome and release them.
  3. Spiritual Entity Attachments and Soul Ties: Gain insights into identifying and addressing spiritual entity attachments and soul ties that you may be holding hostage within your womb armor.
  4. Restoring Womb Wellness: Learn techniques to restore and nurture a delicate womb, promoting a healthy experience of pleasure and vitality.
  5. Identifying Pain Points: Discover the pain points associated with womb armor and how to navigate through them on your path to healing and liberation.
  6. Enhancing Relationships: Explore how womb armor can affect your relationships with other women and develop strategies to foster healthy connections.
  7. Meditations and Visualizations: Engage in guided meditations and visualizations specifically designed to de-armor the womb and release accumulated emotional and energetic burdens.
  8. Balancing Giving and Receiving: Learn how to lower your womb's guard and establish a healthy equilibrium between giving and receiving, promoting overall well-being.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and healing as we guide you toward a more empowered and liberated version of yourself. It's time to embrace your true divine feminine essence and set your spirit free. Don't miss this opportunity to break free from the chains that have held you back—liberate your womb and unleash your limitless potential.


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