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Womb Alchemy Healing BootCamp

Womb Alchemy Healing BootCamp

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Reclaiming your Sacred Womb Essence from Abandonment, Abuse, Attachment, & Abortion

Womb Alchemy Healing Bootcamp guides you through practical, easy to implement spiritual practices and rituals that will support your overall well being as a sacred woman.

This Bootcamp is for you if you have suffered from womb ailments and don’t know how to truly heal, if you feel disconnected from your feminine energy because you lacked healthy relationships with your parents, partners or money. This course is for you if you are ready to truly live a spiritually led life and experience the goodness of trusting the divine within.

In this Four-Step Process you will learn how to Cultivate a Magical Mindset, Discover Who You Really Are and where your Blockages stem from, Release Beliefs and Emotions no longer serving you, and Embrace the Goddess within.

Phase I:
Magical Mindset

Phase 1 is focused on how to have a mentality that supports your healing. Everything starts within the mind. I will teach you how to transform the way think so that your thoughts align with your healing and your divinity. If you can learn to think more highly of yourself and your experience you life will change drastically just by making this shift.

Phase II:
Self Discovery

This is where things get very interesting. The portion of the BootCamp is designed to guide you through discovering the beliefs, emotions, actions and experiences that have led to a disconnect within your womb, your heart and your divine feminine energy. Here we will explore your family & ancestors, relationships, food choices, past lives, traumas and more to determine where you first forgot who you are as a divine, sacred women

Phase III:

Now that you have the proper mentality and discovered the source of your ailments, disconnect and overall dissatisfaction, we can release it. In this phase you will learn the alchemy of transforming your “negatives” into positives. You will learn how to surrender and lean into the goodness of life. In this phase you will purge old ways of being, thinking and existing to be purified and aligned with your Goddess self. You will learn techniques to transmute trauma, overcome triggers and raise the vibration of your womb.

Phase IV:

Here you learn to fully embody divine feminine energy. You will learn how to be the divine being you were called to be. In this phase you will give tools and techniques that will support you in showing up more fully as your sacred self. This is when you will realize the goddess that you are and begin to live in that knowing. The embrace phase is all about welcoming healthy pleasure in all areas of your life.

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • How to cultivate a magical mindset
  • How to transform your thoughts
  • How to actually go within yourself and get answers
  • How to heal your shadows and trauma
  • How to overcome certain triggers
  • How to transmute trauma stored in the womb
  • How to choose healthy partners that support your womb healing
  • How to release trauma, ailments and disease from your womb spiritually
  • How to connect to the matriarchal energy of your lineage for healing and transformation
  • How to release dominate masculine energy
  • How to de-armor your womb to experience pleasure and healing
  • How to tap into abundance through your womb
  • Spiritual practices for the divine feminine goddess within
  • Eating habits that heal the womb
  • Sacred movement that releases and restores balance in the womb

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